TinyShell is ideal for anyone who wants command line access to their server, but is limited by HTTP access. Furthermore TinyShell comes with a native MySQL command line client, that some say is even better than MySQL’s own command line interface. TinyShell works in all modern browsers, including IE 7+, FF 3+, Chrome, Safari and it even works on iPhone and iPad. It is completely module based and supports multi line commands, tabbing and much more. Browse the plugins section for more details on the default behavior and functionality.

Visit the TinyShell project page at SourceForge to download the latest version.

Following video demonstrates the Oracle plugin, that is a copy of the MySQL plugin.

Main features

  1. Easy to install, simply upload the files to your webserver and you are done. You only need to update the configuration file with a username and a password. TinyShell requires only PHP and a modern web browser
  2. Only 250 Kb in less than 40 uncompressed files, including 20+ plugins
  3. Cross browser. Works with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and it even works with iPad and iPhone aswell
  4. Secure, even though only PHP is required
  5. Shipped with a native MySQL command line interface plugin
  6. Falls back to system plugin if possible. Use this to execute commands on the servers shell, like unzip uploaded files
  7. Auto completes commands, filenames in the shell and even database, table and field names in MySQL
  8. Comes with upload and download plugins
  9. Acts like PuTTy if you allow it
  10. Easy to extend, even though you probably do not need to
  11. Easy to style with CSS
  12. Open source using the MIT License, which lets you do anything with the software
  13. And much more…

2 Responses to TinyShell

  1. Insane User says:

    Off topic question, what did you use to record the screen to create the demo above?

    It was used in, “http://www.youtube.com/v/BvPcwhqcmTk?fs=1&hl=da_DK&rel=0″

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